Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer On Tour - In the garden.

In a garden overflowing with the beautiful flowers, lush bamboo, roses, dahlias, poppies, and lilies over 5 feet tall, just to name a few of the wonderful plants to be found, I was fortunate to be able to show a few pieces of my garden art. My Season's series screening sculpture, 'Summer' and my bamboo lilies were part of a garden tour in SW Portland hosted by artist, Wendy Dunder.

Here you can see the entrance to Wendy's wonderful garden with jasmine growing up the porch and through the gate, their cute little puppy, Tikka.

Inside, my lilies look beautiful tucked into these white dahlias.

And my Summer sculpture stood proudly among these almost 6 foot tall Stargazer Lilies.

It is such a beautiful spot they've created here. There's a stone path with a flower design in it, an artful shed painted all purple, turquoise and ruby, shovel art, exotic flowers and bushes, as well as ducks and chickens.

Garden as art and art in the garden...what could be better?


stenberga stone art said...

Hello!! I like your blog/art and the garden..!! Nice..! I am a gardenfreak my self.. Keep up the good work, I will be back soon, to show your blog and art to my wife.. Roger

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Thank you, Roger!
I'm so glad you stopped by and liked what you saw enough to share with your wife. Come back and visit anytime!