"Chapter One", 2016, Porcelain, $300 (SOLD)
Here's a small gallery of my sculptural work. You can see more on my professional website at If you are interested in purchasing work, please contact me via my website,

Leaf Fairy 1, Ceramic, 8", $75.00

Small Leaf Fairy, 4",  $40.00
Leaf Fairy 2, 9", Ceramic, $75.00 (SOLD)

Porcelain Ginko 8" bowl, $95.00

 MASKS - Clay,  Screening, Copper
'Bird Woman', Porcelain, $300.00

Horsehair Raku Porcelain Mask 300.00

Bird Dreams 
Porcelain mask with screening 
8"x5" 300.00

Moon Face
22"x 16" 
Copper $300.00

SCULPTURE- Mixed Media
Leaf Lady, Clay,Copper

Shapeshifter Polar Bear
Clay, Screening, Copper

Garden Art

Tree of Life
Copper $500.00
4'x5' SOLD

3'x2' Aluminum screening