Party Animal, $40.00

Here's a small gallery of my sculptural work. You can see more on my professional website at If you are interested in purchasing work, please contact me via my website,

Announcing: Party Animals!  A new series of small scale sculptures that love to shake, rattle and roll! Invite them into your life and let them make you smile.

 MASKS - Clay,  Screening, Copper

"Chapter One", 2016, Porcelain, $300 (SOLD

'Bird Woman', Porcelain, $300.00

Horsehair Raku Porcelain Mask 300.00

Bird Dreams 
Porcelain mask with screening 
8"x5" 300.00

Moon Face
22"x 16" 
Copper $300.00

SCULPTURE- Mixed Media
Leaf Lady, Clay,Copper

Shapeshifter Polar Bear
Clay, Screening, Copper

Garden Art

Tree of Life
Copper $500.00
4'x5' SOLD

3'x2' Aluminum screening