Resume & Artist Statement

'Blue Bird', Mixed Media Sculpture, 2003

Artist Statement
I love faces, landscapes, texture and color. When I look out my window, I see faces in the clouds, leaves on the trees, rocks and mountains. These visions shape and inspire my work in clay, window screening and paint.

I make masks, garden art, mixed media sculptures and functional pieces in clay, window screening and copper. Many of my mixed media sculptures also include my writing as well.

Below is a brief resume and exhibit list.  If you'd like the complete list, email me from my professional website at

Resume of Selected Shows, Publications, Invitationals:
  • Art On Broadway Gallery 2018
  • Love Show 2018
  • Washington County Open Studios Tour 2012-2016
  • Ceramics Showcase 2012-2018
  • Valley Art Gallery 2015-2017
  •  Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts 2012-2015
  • Talisman Gallery, Portland, OR 2011
  • International Freeform Challenge, 2011
  • Forest For The Trees, Fiber Exhibit, Santa Anna, CA 2009
  • Best of American Sculpture Artists, selected artist, 2010
  • SCRAP Incognito Exhibition of Reuse Masks, Re:Vision Gallery 2010
  • Visual Arts Showcase 2009, 2010, Beaverton Arts Commission
  • Art & Labor Exhibit, Olympic Mills Gallery 2009
  • Subject/Object Exhibit, Kingstad Gallery 2008
  • Works of Faith, Juried Exhibit, First Presbyterian Church 2010
  • Maskibition Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA 2005-2010
  • Portland Open Studios Tour 2008, 2009
  • Coat of Many Scrumbles, International Freeform Guild, 2007
  • The Nipple Project Online Invitational,2006
  • The White Bird Gallery, Cannon Beach, Oregon 2005
  • ‘Day of the Dead’ Bonnie Kahn Gallery 2005
  • Annual Mask Show, Graystone Gallery 2004-1999
  • Dual Show, Guardino Gallery 2003

Online Galleries:
Susan Gallacher-Turner Sculpture

Best of American Sculpture Volume II
Coat of Many Scrumbles, Prudence Mapstone
2011 Freeform Challenge