Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer of Lovingkindness Invitational comes to an end?

I've been blogging about Loving Kindness over the last month or two as part of the Summer of Lovingkindness Invitational. And now, it's coming to an end. July 1st to August 31st were the official beginning and end to the SOLI put out there online by Mahala Mazerov from her blog, Luminous Heart, where her intention was to "create a space for your heart and your insights, for things positive and unexpected."

I've learned so much from all the comments and posts on Mahala's wonderful blog, Luminous Heart. It's become a place I look forward to visiting every week, listening in and learning from her wise words and the comments of fellow bloggers. It is a soft, warm place to rest and learn, such a different pace from usual frantic feeling of the internet.

What keeps popping up here and on Mahala's blog are about the feelings of selfishness we sometimes feel when we practice loving kindness on ourselves. Taking time for you or me without feeling guilty seems to be very hard. And, yet, how can we truly be there for anyone else, if we're not meeting our own needs? There's a huge difference between being kind and being a martyr.

Many other SOLI bloggers have commented saying that self kindness is practical, like food and water for our body and soul then when we add true kindness toward others to that and we can create positive energy that helps everyone. I do think this is true.

With that intention in mind: to create more positive energy in our lives personally and globally, I'd like to keep my end of the SOLI open. I'd like to keep reminding myself to be kind, and pass that kindness on to generate more of that positive energy here, there and everywhere.

Because it seems to easy to forget that in the rush, rush of life. Ya know?
What are your ideas for you? Let's keep the kindness ball rolling.

(Homemade Frittata with homegrown tomatoes and zucchini made with kindness for me and my hubby!)

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