Functional Work

Gingko Jar, porcelain, 13", $120.00

Here's a small gallery of my newest functional work. You can see more on my professional website at If you are interested in purchasing work, please contact me via my website,

Red Heart Treasure Jar, Porcelain, $40.00

Leaf Platters, porcelain, Large size $50.00

Red Lily Vase, Porcelain, $45.00

Sunrise Watercolor Bowl, porcelain, 10", $75.00

Heart Leaf Jar, Porcelain, $150.00

Cloud and Sea Serving Dish, porcelain, 10", $40.00
Sunrise Watercolor Vase, porcelain, 5", $30.00

Meditation Plate, porcelain, 8", $35.00
Large Platter, 12", $50.00

Porcelain Mugs $24.00 each
Porcelain sgraffito bowl, 10" $70.00  

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