Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer of Loving Kindness - Around the House

After joining in on the Summer of Loving Kindness Invitational, I've become much more aware of how much loving kindness there is out there in the world for all of us. Sometimes it doesn't seem that way, but as I reach out to this online group and my fellow bloggers, I'm finding loving kindness is always available for giving and receiving, if we are aware.

Many of you have shared the way you show loving kindness to yourself and others. Last time, I talked about the importance of walking not just for exercise but as an act of loving kindness.

This week, as I worked around the house, I began to see that some of the little ordinary, everyday things I do are, indeed, acts of loving kindness.

Making a fresh peach and blueberry cobbler may not seem like an act of loving kindness, but it is. As I peeled the soft, ripe peaches, I placed them in the baking dish, I thought about my family and friends enjoying the treat and I remembered all those wonderful scones and brownies baked for me when I was growing up.

Gathering my lavender and rosemary, I realize is another act of loving kindness. For myself, I get to breathe in the luscious and relaxing scents. For the earth, I trim the plant so it can grow healthier. For others, I dry the herbs for sachets to give to my family, neighbors and friends.

Recycling a copper candle holder I made years ago into a patio fountain. Ok, I had a hard time looking at my early copper efforts, but taking it apart, I realized how much more I was able to do with it now. So, I practiced loving kindness there. And my husband loves sitting and watching the water flow as well as playing with the position of the copper leaves to change the water's direction. I'm hoping the soft sounds of the water fountain are soothing for the small children and parents living nearby.

All small, ordinary things but I realize that you don't have to go anywhere or do anything special to bring more loving kindness to the world around really does start at home.


beadbabe49 said...

Lovely post...what a great idea for a fountain (recycling older work!)

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Thanks! I just couldn't put the candle holder 'back' after painting the room, and my husband has always wanted a patio fountain so it all worked out. :)

Welcome, so glad you're here!

Mad Men Girl said...

Calling all random acts of kindness!

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Thanks a bunch!