Monday, August 2, 2010

Sometimes you've just gotta get out.

After all the work on the inside of my home, I just had to get out. I'm sure you know the feeling. Enough of the painting, cleaning, mopping, dusting and re-arranging on the inside. It was time to get back out into the world and have some fun.

We went to the local Brew Fest along with my daughter and future son-in-law and tried a few new beers including one with pomegranate. This is micro-brew country, so it was a big deal and very crowded.

We saw the new movie, 'Inception'. I had my doubts, when all the trailers came out that it was going to be some kind of 'Matrix' movie, but it was great. Action packed, superb special effects and, most surprisingly, a really good storyline.

A picnic in the middle of suburban development might not sound wonderful but it was. Jazz pianist, Michael Allen Harrison played surrounded by the Max light rail line, children playing in a fountain and people sitting around on the grass sipping wine and eating noodles.

Another night, I went to Powell's where Brian and Wendy Froud were presenting their newest Fairie Oracle book and tarot deck. I've loved Brian's illustrations for years, but didn't know that his wife, Wendy, is a sculptor and created the lead characters for The Dark Crystal and Yoda for Star Wars. They were visiting here from Devon, England. Yes, I bought the new deck and it's amazing.

Topping off the week was a family barbecue with my husband's famous ribs. And I baked my favorite, blueberry cobbler because I love our local blueberries!

Although the weeds have gotten way too big and there's still cleaning to do, it was a big act of lovingkindness for me to take the time to have some fun, just for the fun of it! And isn't that what life's all about?


Ruby's Raiser said...

Your post was so inspiring and you're definitely adding to my list of things to being at or near the top! :)

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

I really recommend the movie, I'm not a big 'action movie' fan, but this one had many complex elements...let me know what you think.

Now to find places to take Jilly with me, too!