Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weddings, Art and Life

My soon to be son-in-law, daughter and one of her bridesmaids.

My daughter is getting married in 3 weeks. It’s exciting. It’s wonderful. It’s also getting very busy. It’s been a while since my own wedding, which I planned, and things have really changed. There’s so much to choose from, so many more ideas and products out there. It’s a bit overwhelming.

Luckily, my daughter and I are not just MOB(mother of the bride) and bride, we’re friends and cohorts. And we’ve worked out all the details of this important event together. As a musician, she’s handling the details of ceremony music. My husband, as a long-time radio personality is handling the reception music. As an artist, I’m handling reception décor and as mom, I’ve been there through dress selection, fittings, makeup, hosting the bridal shower and other small details, like the flower girl basket/purse and bow.

I lost a little sleep last night with details dancing in my head. Today, I got out my pen and paper and wrote a list. List making is always makes me feel more in control, especially when I get to check off some items that are, indeed, done. Like these beaded charms that I made to go on the candles for the tables at the reception.

My art has taken a back seat to the wedding, this week. And I suspect, it will get put on the back burner while I assemble the rest of the table decorations, run needed errands and generally be on ‘call’ for whatever my daughter needs. But that’s more than ok with me. You see, ever since I gave birth to my little daughter some 27 years ago(and then, my son), my life changed to follow my heart on the path of a mother. My art has been an extension of my heart and my life. So this wedding isn’t just a wedding to me, it’s my heart, art and life twining together and branching out and growing.

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