Monday, August 8, 2011

Empty to Full.

Two weeks ago, I finished all my unfinished pieces, got photos taken, and cleaned up my studio. I scraped away all the mess, glue, paint and clutter of creation. Then, I stood back in the sparkling empty space and wondered what I'd create next. And when.

I spent some time baking blueberry goodies, cleaning my house for my daughter’s bridal shower, and reconnecting with friends. You can see more of my blueberry goodies in the last blog entry. The bridal shower and my friends were lovely and wonderful.

This week, I walked into my studio and what I saw shocked me. I felt like Papa Bear from the story, Goldilocks, wondering who'd been working in my studio? There was a new face and 7 new cups and 5 new bowls ready for the kiln. How did this happen?

Really I haven’t been in the studio much at all…been busy with life.

But, you see, that is life. Like seeds planted in the earth it grows and sprouts with just a little bit of sunshine and water. We don’t need to give up our ‘life’ to create, in fact, just the opposite. Living creates more in our life.

And speaking of more in our life, those candles, on the desk have to get done, they’re part of the table decoration for my daughter’s wedding in 3 weeks. I’m not panicking, though, because if cups and bowls and faces and sculpture can appear in one week, these candles will get done, too.

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