Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T minus 5 days and counting...

It's getting close to the 'BIG DAY'. My daughter's wedding is Sunday and preparations are both ending and beginning and somewhere in the middle or is that muddle? Many things are going well. Really. Honest.

Lists have been checked off. Dress: done. Table decorations: done. Flowers: done. Cake: ordered. Catering: done. Music: done. And, of course, other lists are being made. There are errands to run and practice sessions and details still to do. A gathering of a little emergency kit with lint brush, baby wipes(great for stains on tuxes), first aid kit, breath mints, small safety pins and double stick tape(because you just never know). There's a concern about lighting, and will it get too dark to dance till 10 pm? I hope not.

Because with all the expected running around and pre-planning and re-planning that I need to do this week, I am looking forward to a lovely day. Watching my wonderful, talented daughter marry an equally wonderful and talented man with, I'm sure, tears of happiness running down my cheeks. (Add to list, waterproof mascara?)

And after the ceremony, what do I look forward to? The party, man! I want to sing, dance, laugh, eat and drink and be, very, very merry!!!

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