Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding stress over, and now the honeymoon begins…


My daughter is now, officially a ‘married’ woman. I am now, officially, a ‘mother in law’. I am happy and relieved that my daughter’s wedding went well and is now, over. I am happy to be a mother to another intelligent, sweet and responsible son. I’m proud of all my children. They are wonderful. And I’m proud to have been part of this wonderful day in their lives.

It was a hot, humid, sweaty, very un-Oregon day. We had 6 bridesmaids, 1 flower girl, 1 bride, 1 mother of the bride and 1 hairdresser crammed into one bedroom and small bath. It was hectic as all the girls got their hair done, dresses on and makeup done, and, I as MOB, did my daughter’s makeup and got her dressed for her big day. In between, I checked on flowers and cake delivery, got water for my daughter, handed out baby wipes, breath mints, cut tags off dresses, and set up the Unity Candle for the ceremony. I was a sweaty, hot mess but somehow I managed to send everyone down the aisle, including my beautiful daughter. There were no wardrobe malfunctions, no fell down and no one passed out. (At least not until after the wedding!) Just kidding.

It was an amazing and wonderful and beautiful and heartfelt day. And I have a lot of people to thank who helped me make it all possible.

A bow of gratitude to my husband and partner in crime, Michael, for his support in everything and his expertise with the music for the reception and dance. A big thank you to my friend and hair stylist, Patty Johnson for a super job on bride, bridesmaids and flower girl. Another huge thank you to my other friends, Katie and Laurel for setting up all the table decorations, toasting and cake tables for the reception. And more kudos to Leah for beautiful floral arrangements, bouquets and boutonnières and Eileen for all the handmade jewelry that bedazzled the wedding party. You all made the day even more beautiful with your support, love and talents…thank you all!

And now, it's time to kick off our shoes, let our hair down and relax as my daughter and her new husband(and my new son) are officially off on their honeymoon. My husband and I are on vacation as well. Sleeping in, walking the dog, reading, playing games, watching movies and generally putzing around the house. Sigh. Life is good, very good, indeed.

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