Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Land of Don't Know.

I'd like to say, I'm burned out.  That would be easier do deal with, understand and get beyond.  But I'm not.  

I'm in that no-mans land of 'I don't know'. 

I do know that I've been dedicated and working hard for several years now on my clay.  I've been working hard to produce a consistent body of ceramics work. I worked to improve my techniques to make better pieces with brightly colored and black glazes.  Both types of glazes are some of the hardest effects to achieve consistently.  I worked to have more pieces so I could make more sales.  I worked on committees to gain more points to give my work a better placement in the shows.  I worked on gathering and figuring out all the details of labeling, pricing, packing and delivery.  
But it seems that the more I do, the less I know.

It was challenging, energizing and fun.  But after a recent round of shows, I learned that having more to sell doesn't equal more sales.  That better placement, more consistent work and fully stocked shelves didn't help, either.  

Where do I go from here?  Do I change what I make?  Choose different colors or shapes or items to make?  Give up on functional work and concentrate on sculptural? Do I lower my prices(which are already low, I'm told)? Or raise them to attract a different crowd?  

No wonder I'm on Netflix instead of in my studio.  

I'm in the Land of Don't Know and I don't like it.  But I've been here before and moved through and onward from this territory.  So I do know that this is part of the creative process ad I just need to be patient and trust it.

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