Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Walk in the Wild Woods.

I wasn't working in the studio this week.  I was enjoying the life that lives outside it.  Now, there's a workaholic side of me that is very uncomfortable with taking time off.  The judge in my head bangs the gavel of shame and guilt sentencing me to do more time and work harder to make up for it.

I know the truth.  Playing inspires creativity. 

So, I took a walk on the Wildwood trail.  This beautiful 30 mile trail through Forest Park in the middle of Portland, Oregon, is home to 112 birds and 62 mammals.  The canopy is massive with trees reaching upwards like natural skyscrapers.  The only mammals I met had two feet and wore shorts and walking shoes.  But on a sunny day, the trail was shaded and cool and such a relief from the hot summer weather.

I only hiked a small portion of the trail.  I heard birds echoing above me.  I saw giant branches sway in the breeze.  I tilted my head upwards to see the sun beam in and around the fir boughs.  I stopped and admired the magic of birth as an old dead tree stump supported the 2-3 newly sprouting fir trees. 

Clearing the trail, cleared my mind.

Gone were the judges and critics and gossips.  My mind was blissfully rested and refreshed and empty of all the dramas of life.  I'd like to proudly claim that great new ideas were sprouted and new projects will begin.  But, I can't lie.

I walked and walked and walked in the wild woods. That's all.  And for now, that's more than enough.

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