Monday, December 30, 2013

The day before the day before.

It’s the day before New Year’s eve.

It seems timely to write about the end of the year or the past year or something like that, but I don’t really have a clue what to write that hasn’t been written before by others and me. Really. There’s all the usual stuff about the past years ups and downs, or the resolutions about the year to come, or the hopes and dreams and goals.

But I don’t want to write about any of that.

And it’s not because of anything bad. It’s been a really good year. All in all everyone’s healthy and happy, abundant and successful, loving and loved. I could yammer on about the details, but they’re not important. Really. What’s important is the overall picture which is, good. Maybe that’s what I’m having a hard time saying: my life is good.

I want to write that my life is good. Why don’t I?

Because I know that not everyone out there is living a good life right now? True as that is, why am I letting my light dim? Guilt? Fear? Ok, maybe all of those things tangled up in the lovely Christmas lights I took down from the tree the other day. Just because I took the lights down from my Christmas tree, does that mean my life has to have less light in it? I have to dim my good bulb so that it doesn’t shine too brightly because someone else is having a bad time?

No. Of course not. I think I’ll pass on the guilt and fear gravy this year. How about you?

Instead, I’ll make up a different plate for a change filled with good feelings covered with a dusting of a warm smiles and empathy. Empathy is acknowledging someone else’s pain not taking it on. The light from my life is supposed to shine not just for me, but for others, too. I remember years when my life was a struggle and fear gradually dimmed my heart and soul. During those times, it was the good from others that lit the path ahead of me. A smile from a stranger was good enough to make a bad day lighter.

So, on this eve of New Year’s Eve, I am lighting the candles in my home and heart with the flame of laughter, love, freedom, abundance and good from my life. I hope you have good in your life, too. But if you don’t, let a little of my light shine into yours blessing it with a dusting of good feelings, warmth and smiles.

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