Monday, December 9, 2013

Seasonal Affected Disorganization: Or life, art and the holidays.

My blog didn't get written last week. I'm not sure what happened to my week, it just seemed to disappear. The to do's to do today grew from one day to the next. I was out and about running errands, in and around doing chores and decorating and still trying to get my studio work done.

Do I sound busy and productive? Or do I sound scattered and disorganized? I'm not sure.

Here's what I feel: breathless and pressured, tired and sleepless with a craving for hot tea and sugar cookies, a good book or movie and an easy crochet project. Here's what I need to do: paint greenware pieces, make a copper angel, write my blog, answer email, bake cookies, buy presents, decorate for the holidays. ​

I usually balance my studio work, family work and business work.  I make a list and schedule my time and get it done.  Then why does it seem so complicated?

I get it: ​Seasonal Affected Disorganization.

The solution: Mindfully Attentive Moments.

It did work, when I gave myself over to a day of decorating...only. (I really do love decorating. I even love shopping for new decorative elements, just not the crowds.) I mindfully spent an hour in the studio. 

I gave an hour to tree cutting, a rest for tea, a spot in the studio, tea, tree decorating. I picked up some new yarn, put my feet up and crocheted away while watching a favorite non-holiday program. I also learned something from my dear husband:  walk slowly through the noise and bustle. Do not rush because everyone else is rushing around you. Take your time, sit and savor the eggnog latte and walk at your own pace.

The house is decorated. The tree is up. The studio is clean and silent, work has sold and new work waits for its moment. My job isn't to do or organize but be attentive to the moments. Yes, MAM!

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