Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Art & Life: Rearranged.

My studio has been completely rearranged. I’m surprised and delighted and a little overwhelmed at the moment. I didn’t plan to totally rearrange my studio space. But then, I didn’t plan for clay to take over my life, either.

This is the way my studio looked a year or so ago.
My painting easel is by the window. There is a metal mesh mask on the easel waiting to be painted. My rolling cart is nearby filled with palettes and paints in oil, acrylic and watercolor.
On the other side of my studio is a countertop where I did repousse work in copper sheeting. The drawers below were filled with metal scraps, tools and wire.

This is the way my studio looks today. My table is covered with a canvas board rolling out clay and there’s a vinyl tablecloth to cover that when I’m glazing. My rolling cart is nearby filled with palettes and under glazes, finish glazes, mixing bowls and measuring cups, spatulas and brushes. The shelves along the wall are filled with a mixture of finished work and pieces in process.

On the other side of the studio is a countertop where I now hand build or set newly thrown wheel work to dry for a few days.

Where is my easel? It’s in the corner. My clay aprons hang on the sides and underneath are plastic bins filled with paints. On the front hangs the finished metal mesh mask.

Here it is a year ago.

Here it is done. Finally.
Why did it take me so long? Because I’ve been busy working in clay. Throwing it. Sculpting it. Building with it. Doing sgraffito. Painting and glazing it.

Now, my clay tables and supplies have moved from the back of my studio to the front. My easel has moved to the back. My studio space, my art and my life has been rearranged. And that’s a good thing.

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