Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving thanks. Everyday.

I’m thankful for all the many blogs talking about turkey, pilgrims and thanksgiving because I’m not going to do that here. Because, for the last 1, 095 days, I’ve been filling a journal with thanks.

Every night, before I go to sleep, I list all the things I’m grateful for that day. What I’ve realized after doing this for three years, is that it’s all the small stuff that makes my life worth living. I hope that after reading my list for today, you’ll be inspired to get a notebook and start your own list of everyday thanks.
Today and yesterday, I am grateful for:

Looking out the window and seeing blue sky and no hail or rain for the moment.
A self-cleaning oven that didn’t set off the smoke detector this time.
Getting to all three grocery stores, everything on my list and home before noon.
Arranging flowers around the house in my own handmade porcelain vases.
Talking to my daughter about everyday kinda stuff.
Waterproof jacket, pants and boots.
Leftover homemade tortilla soup and seafood chowder to reheat and eat tonight.
A thrown clay sculpture form that finally came off the bat.
My husband’s joke about buffalos.
My silly Jilly dog who loves to have her belly rubbed.
No leaks in even with torrential rain and hail.
Baking pumpkin custards.
Stash Vanilla Chai Decaf Tea to sip as the hail hits the windows. Again.
Warm cinnamon buns.
Eggnog lattes.
Macy’s parade.
And as always, my loving family and friends!!

So when the day has dark clouds and hail, there’s one way I can always find a silver lining. Open my journal and give thanks.


Emily Brisse said...

I used to do this with my daily calendar, although I kept myself to three things per date. This has inspired me to restart that ritual! Such a lovely idea.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

I must admit, there are times when I forget too, but I'm always glad when I get back to it. Isn't amazing how easy it is to come up with things to be grateful for everyday! Feel free to unlimited yourself and list as many as you want!
Thanks, Emily... I'm grateful my post was an inspiration for you.