Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A new writing contest and a birthday present.

Carvings done by Erwin A. Thompson

Fellow blogger and author, Janet Riehl wants to give her 95 year old dad, Erwin A. Thompson, a unique birthday present and you can help.

Janet has come up with an essay contest and an award that's dedicated to her father's birthday. Janet writes, "My birthday present to him is to establish an annual Second Mile Award. The holder of the 2010 award receives a $500 honorarium, a certificate designed by my niece, and publication on Riehlife of the nomination essay. The deadline for nomination essays is November 9, 2010--my father's birthday. He'll join me in reading the essays to determine the holder of the 2010 Second Mile Award."

Picture of Erwin A. Thompson

What is the Second Mile Award? The Second Mile Award honors Elders 75 years and older whose dignity, character, creativity, and connection to community have quietly contributed to the world around them.

If you love to write and have a special Elder in your family, life or neighborhood, this is a chance for you to bring your 'loves' together. You write an essay describing how the Elder person has contributed to you and your community. Then send it to Janet's link. You could win a $500 honorarium. To find out more about how to nominate an Elder, enter your essay, the award, the meaning of the Second Mile, and Jane'ts father's life at Second Mile Award.

I think this is a wonderful birthday present, don't you? If you're a writer, and have a special Elder in your life, I hope you'll join in giving Janet's Dad a very special present this year.


Janet Riehl said...


Thanks for letting folks know about The Second Mile Award. There are more detailed directions on submitting an entry at the link you mentioned.

One of the unique features of the award is that the $500 honorarium goes to the Elder (in the sense of a Tribal Elder--a person of wisdom) to use as they wish--possibly for a long-held project goal.

All the best in your work. Love the picture of you absorbed over a piece in your studio.

Janet Riehl

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

So glad to be able to let people know about this wonderful birthday gift idea you are giving your father.

Hope you and he enjoy reading all the essay entries!