Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's just another ordinary day.

In the face of life changes over the last few years, my ordinary life got a little lost. And I know I'm not alone. Many lives haven't been as ordinary as we'd like them to be. But maybe during times like these, it's important to find the ordinary in the life we're living. Right here. Right now.

This quote comes from Susan Tweit's blog Walking Nature Home. "It's time to reclaim our lives and use the flexibility we've been learning to engage in work that nurtures our hearts and spirits while contributing to the landscape, people and community we so value."

Susan and her husband, Richard's lives have been anything but ordinary since Richard started treatment for brain cancer this last year but together they've not only survived but continued their creative contributions to the world around them in their garden, writing and sculpture. Their courage and heart continues to inspire me. It was Susan's encouragement that helped me grow in my work and even my garden.
So today, I spent my day taking pictures of all the ordinary miracles around me once more. Walking in the park, playing with Jilly, picking beet greens and cilantro, making homemade lime/cilantro dressing.

Enjoying eating outside on the patio while the dog sleeps and sharing the sunshine with my love and best friend, Michael.

Here's a YouTube video of my musical inspiration, Sarah McLachlan's wonderful song, "Ordinary Miracle Today".

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goldenbird said...

Very nice post! I like the quote from Susan Tweit's blog. Your ordinary life looks and sounds very fulfilling.