Thursday, July 8, 2010

Work done, work re-worked and work in progress - In The Studio

Studio work is work I love, but sometimes, it feels like peddling on a stationery bike. But this week, in spite of the holiday, I got work completed and out the door.

I made these garden lilies last year and sold them out, so I made some more to go to a local business specializing in bamboo. These lilies are made of aluminum screening, paint, beads, colored wire and attached to, of course, bamboo. They can be used as garden art around landscape plants. What I like is that they flower all the time, unlike my own lilies that just finished for the season.

Then I got to work reworking one of my Season's series, 'Winter', fitting it with a new pedestal. My other Season series have been out and about in gardens, including mine, for the last year and the interior structure works well in rain, snow and sun. But high winds plus loose soil can mean they might blow over, so I went about researching how I could make them more secure and still garden ready. I decided to experiment on 'Winter' giving it a concrete base that's treated with a painted finish and adding heavy duty galvanized wire around the base and up both sides.

On the easel is a special project requested some months ago. After seeing my first lamp, Jeff asked that I make him one, too. He plays the guitar and wanted it to reflect that, so these are guitar picks in a pattern called 'clown barf'. I'm not kidding. I have pictures to make sure I get it right.

The bird masks I'm working on had to take a back seat this week. And my clay faces are drying out nicely in this weather getting ready to for the kiln.


goldenbird said...

You have been so productive! I love "clown barf" and wish I could see it up close. The garden lilies are lovely.

My sister is an artist and has just started showing her paintings. I thought you might like to take a look ... something about your artwork today reminds me of her.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Yes. I have gotten work done, in looking back on it. Day to day, it doesn't always feel that way. Glad you got a kick out of 'clown barf' I wasn't so sure about it myself at first.

I'll look up your sister's blog this week and thanks...glad you liked my garden lilies.