Thursday, June 10, 2010

A blooming sculpure.

That's a delphinium growing up through the middle of my 'Seasons' series sculpture, 'Summer'. It's taken a while to see the blossoms get tall enough to peak out of the top of the sculpture because of all the rain and hail over the last two months here in Oregon. I planted the blue delphinium along with lobelia and begonias back in early May on one of those now, rare, sunny days.

Then I pushed the stakes in my 'Summer' sculpture into the soil over the top of small plant. In spite of the drippy weather here, the plant has grown tall right up through the middle of my sculpture. Finally, you can see the bell shaped, blue-purple blossoms peaking out of the top of her head. The purple painted petals of the sculpture almost match the delphinium's beautiful blue bells.

When I sculpted this series, I was creating art. I wasn't thinking about creating art for the garden. But last year, thanks to the encouragement of artist friends and a some imaginative gallery owners, I figured out a way to take my 'Seasons' outside.

I showed 'Summer' all summer last year at a local gallery. And was able to have fun placing my other 'Seasons' around my own yard to the delight of my neighbors. In the fall, during my open studios, 'Fall' was spotlighted next to the changing leaves of my Japanese maple. 'Winter' was highlighted during the Christmas season up front surrounded by noble fir bows and twinkling with white lights. 'Spring' sold at my open studios, so now it's 'Summers' turn to take the stage blossoming with the season.

In spite of all the rain, here's to 'Summer' bursting into bloom!


goldenbird said...

That is so neat! What a great idea to have the flower grow right up through the middle of your sculpture. Very cool.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Glad you liked was an experiment that turned out well in spite of the rainy weather here!