Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kin and Kilns.

It's been a mixed week.  Creativity, children and clay intermingling in and around each other in ways that I don't experience as much these days.  My 'kids' are all grown up now.  So, other than the holidays, my days are mostly my own to spend throwing, painting, writing, loading and unloading the kiln.  

My time is now my own, my tasks are ones I set for myself.  

Gone are the days of babies crying and diapers and burping.  There are no more tears to wipe or long conversations about life, love and difficulties in which, as a Mom, my job is to listen and nod lovingly.  Or so I thought.

This week, my sweet grand baby was in my care for almost a whole day.  I fed and burped and diapered.  I mimicked her and giggled and made silly noises.  I read her a story and let her grab my fingers and pull herself up.  I applauded her new sounds and her ability to roll over.  I sat with her as she fell off to sleep.  And I got to hear my son, her father, working on his car which is his way to play, and something he doesn't get to do as much with a new baby.

Then my daughter called from a state away to talk about ice, snow, grad school and life as it is going right now.  I nodded.  I agreed.  I listened and listened and listened.  I told her she could and would and will do what she so wants to do with her life.  That she is on the road, traveling along through the mists of the unknown, and it will all be not just all right, but great.  Then I nodded and agreed and listened some more.  

In my studio, I loaded my kiln and fired a new load of bisque.  I trimmed bowls and made a new jar.  I unloaded my kiln with relief and delight.  Seeing all the newly bisqued pieces ready for more color or clear glaze gives me a thrill and a few new creative ideas, too!  

It was all creative time, all part of sculpting a life which involves all the lives around me including mine.  I wouldn't have thought that kin and kilns would work so well together.  But it did.  Curious, isn't it?  

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