Thursday, August 6, 2015

Social Media: To Tweet or not To Tweet?

One of the first social media sites I opened was Twitter.  It sounded like a good idea at the time, especially since I love to write as much as I love to throw and paint.  

Twitter was originally billed as the wordy social media.  140 characters. All text and no pics.  As with most social media sites, Twitter has changed.  Some would say it has evolved with the times but I feel this evolution is just more of the same social media game.  Where every social media site must offer everything that every other social media site offers in order for it to be viable and competitive.  

This would be like all breakfast cereals changing to become like all other food  products in order to be competitive.  Picture filling your morning breakfast bowl with pasta, rice, meat, cheese, marshmallows, eggs, spinach and bananas and topping it all off with a mocha latte.  Too much, right?  That's why we eat separate meals each day.

And why different social media can be different and still be viable and competitive.

Anyway...I got a Twitter account.  And I tried, really I tried.

I've tweeted twice in 8 years. 

Oh, I've got followers and I did follow others but it was just more and more self help quotes and promotions for more self help books.  After awhile, I just forgot about it.

Here's my biggest clue: when I got my iPad, I didn't even think to put the Twitter app on it. 

Now, my husband and son love Twitter and use it to keep up on the latest news and sports.  And  I know others use it to keep up with celebrities. But, that's just not where my interest lies.

I repeat...I don't tweet. Since I don't have the app on my pad or phone, there's nothing to remove.  If I don't use the account, do I need to close it down?  I wonder, if I never use it will the little blue bird fly away on its own?

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