Thursday, August 13, 2015

As The Wheel Turns: New Work without Working?

It's been almost a month since I've spent any real time at my wheel or in my studio, for that matter.  So, you'd think I'd have little to show for my creative avoidance but that's not the case. studio shelves are filling up again.  It's time to bisque!

How did that happen?  Believe me, when I went back in there this week, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I have five full shelves of new work.  Plus 10 other pieces to the left that are waiting to be under glazed.  Some of it are hand built pieces I did a month or so ago.  Some are thrown pieces that were made two or so at a time over the last month.  Some I made yesterday.

I thought I was in a creative slump but maybe I've worked through it.  Literally.

Maybe pushing myself less and putting less pressure on production has actually produced more work.  I have big bowls with newly painted designs.  A bowl and a cup where I decided to use my old watercolor skills and try a wet into wet approach with the underglazes.  I have new sculptures and new jars waiting for the kiln.

Could working less actually produce more work?

This is so contrary to the way I've lived my life so far.  I've always prided myself on being a hard worker no matter what work was put before me.  From copywriting and broadcast producing to parenting and art making, I've worked hard, made lists, pushed and met deadlines.  

But maybe I'm tired of pushing myself and there was a creative rebellion happening. Underneath my creative slump, there was a new force gathering strength and sneaking into my studio to play instead of produce, create instead of construct and relax at the wheel.

Yesterday, I sat down and just felt the clay in my hands with no specific objects in mind.  
When I stopped, I had thrown 4 mugs and a bowl.  And discovered a new way to trim the mugs giving them a new curvier shape.

Voila! Maybe work doesn't have to be worked at so hard ever again.


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