Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Sounds of My Daughter's Music.

I've been listening to my daughter sing since she was a toddler.  But last weekend, I got to hear her soar.  

My daughter sang the lead role of Susanna in the opera production of "Marriage of Figarro".  She was saucy and sweet as the not so innocent maid to the Countess.  She sang out her love and anger at her lover and fiancee.  She soared with her high notes and came back to earth with her acting.  

I am so proud.  Not just because I'm her mother and I love her but because I know how long and how hard she has wished and worked to be on the stage singing and acting and dancing.  And showing her true self to the world.  

But it's not been easy for her.  

As a parent, it's my job to be my child's chief supporter, cheerleader, guidance councilor and talent scout.  But as a parent, it's also part of the job to see your child fall, get hurt, disappointed and rejected. It's a lovely and difficult and heart warming and heart wrenching job.  I've loved every wonderfully difficult moment.

The musical sound of my daughter singing is one of the most magical and inspiring sounds in all the world.  Ever.

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