Thursday, May 15, 2014

As The Wheel Turns: Thrown off or not?

I didn't throw this week.  I trimmed and touched up and smoothed the cups, vase and bowl from last week.  I bought more clay and supplies. But this week was, once again, a fast flow of activity outside my studio.

It was fun and fascinating going out for DimSum with my new pottery pals.  I'd never eaten DimSum and it was delicious.  Sitting at our table, carts rolled by mounded with plates of food in all shapes and sizes.  There were little round buns filled with savory pork or vegetables.  There were stacks of steamed rolls filled with shrimp and pork.  There were plates overflowing with deep, chesnut brown noodles.  And the dessert cart held the most beautiful little custard tarts.  The restaurant was amazing and overflowing large groups of families chatting in Chinese and eating their favorite foods.  I had a great time struggling with my chopsticks while chatting away at probably, the only table speaking English.

Another day was spent with a new friend and fellow blogger, Terry Grant, putting together a new blog for Washington County Artists Open Studios.  Even as experienced bloggers, we ran into some techical difficulties.  Thank goodness for Terry's graphic design expertise!  The blog has a great start.  And we should have our first post up soon with the inside stories of the art and artists on the tour in Washington County, Oregon.

I plan to get myself together today, catching up on dull things like laundry, groceries and gardening. And getting back into the studio to do some under glazing and sgraffito.  But there are birthday presents and performances coming up this weekend.  And sometime in here, I need to get the first post up on the Washington County Open Studio blog.

Ok I already feel the flow getting faster again, but instead of fighting the current and getting thrown off, I think I'll try to ride with it instead.

(Lovely DimSum pictures taken by Michelle Gallagher)

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