Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where is she? A real life mystery #3

(I'm posting short installments of this true life experience. String them together and guess, where the main character is stuck.)To catch up and read the other two installments, click here and here.

The cell phones came out slowly and silently.

As she looked around the group, she counted 3, now 4 people quietly texting on their phones. She wondered once again, why no one had dialed 911. Here they all were, still stuck, and not one person had dialed the fire or police. Instead, they were all quietly texting their nearest and dearest on their cells.

Her chocolates were still there in her pocket but her pop was gone. It was getting warmer and she could feel the tension rising with the temperature. The woman in the far back corner looked up from her cell and coughed nervously. The woman opposite took off her coat with a sigh. Another woman next to her looked up from her texting and asked, “You ok?” A shaky smile surfaced on her face as she nodded.

Suddenly, the texting stopped as all the heads snapped up at once and turned towards the sound in the distance.

“What?” The woman closest to her said, “I can’t hear you.”

Everyone held still and leaned forward listening intently. Why were they all just standing there? Why were they all silent? Why were they just waiting? They were standing around like this was some kind of intermission between acts in a play, instead of what it was, a group in need of rescue.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. Maybe they couldn’t make a move, but she could. She couldn’t be silent another second.

“Call 911!”, she shouted.

Around her eyes popped. Looks were exchanged. Surely, someone out there in the distance would hear her.

Still no one moved or said a word.


Shannon Grissom said...

Ooooh I came in here. This is wonderfully engaging, I'm going to go back and read what I've missed.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

Great! This is based on something that actually happened to me.