Friday, April 27, 2012

Natures sculptures: A robins nest.

Shadows of birds wings swooping outside my kitchen window was the first hint. I figured the birds were after twigs for nest building. I even found the beginnings of a nest on my stacked patio furniture. Bits of willow twigs, mulch and leaves from the garden were neatly woven together for the base.

After a while, I noticed they abandoned that nest. We have a cat, so I figured the robins decided to move to a higher place. They did move, but not to a tree. They built a nest right on top of our backyard motion light. It’s a good choice. The light provides warmth, a stable base, a good location on an inside corner, protected from the rain, wind and curious kitties.

The swooping shadows have stopped. Mother bird is settled in the nest keeping those eggs warm. I can’t wait to see how many little beaks peep up. I may not be able to get a close up picture of the nest or babies, but I can still admire her sculpture work, neatly woven in and around the motion light from a distance.

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