Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lioness on the prowl in Seattle.
I love cats. My very first cat was Bartholomew Jones, a big, fluffy buff colored male who chose me one day at the Oregon Humane Society. That day I was rather taken with a very pretty Siamese, but Bart just kept following me around until I finally picked him up. That was it.

Bart taught me to love cats and I’ve lived with many over the years. And it’s inspired my art as well. So when I heard about a Seattle gallery with a show calling for cat faces, I entered the ‘Lioness'.

Fictilis Gallery in Seattle, Washington is showing a multitude of cat faces in many media for the month of February including my ‘Lioness’ mask.

Lioness is sculpted by hand from window screening and painted with layers of acrylic paint. You can wear the ‘Lioness’ as a mask or hang it on the wall as an art piece either indoors or out. The material is strong and doesn’t rust even for years outside. And the transparency of the screening allows you to wear the mask, look like a Lioness but still be able to see all everything around you.

I love cats, and I respect them, too. They are graceful and powerful creatures. Check out the show at Fictilis at 210 S. Washington Street in Seattle, Washington or take a look at the online pictures here.

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