Thursday, July 28, 2011

Procrastination sucks. Thank dogs for deadlines.

Last month, my studio was in pieces. Work in progress covered every surface making it hard to find space to work. You know that feeling, right? You know what you need to do and you just keep putting it off. There were bits of clay and paint everywhere. I had 4 new masks needing hangers, 2 new sculptures with heads and bodies needing paint, a stand, glue, patina and copper. I also started a new coiled clay piece and 3 new masks.

The real problem wasn’t space. The real problem was procrastination which is really fear in disguise. Fear of finishing, fear of failure, fear of letting go. How do you get out of that space?

Deadlines are a wonderful thing.

There’s a show deadline zooming up. I want to enter my new work, so I had to pick up those pieces and put them together. I made an appointment to get all the new pieces photographed this week.

I got out the glue and got it together.

Thank dog(god) for deadlines. Because, procrastination really does suck you down into the muck. You know that feeling. Now, I feel so much better. Relief. Release. New energy.

Ok, I still have a new sculpture, 3 new masks to finish. But that's next week. Or maybe the week after, or the week after that?

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