Saturday, July 2, 2011

Butterflies and Creative Freedom.

A butterfly crossed my path three times this morning, I take that as sign. As I walked through the park, a beautiful, yellow and black Monarch butterfly flew in front of me and landed on a tree branch. Then, another fluttered by as I walked along the lake. And, yet another, landed on a bright green leaf and sat so still. I tried to get a picture, but, of course, as soon as I had my camera ready, the butterfly flew off.

I felt a bit disappointed. But the even though I don’t have my own picture of the butterfly to share here, I found the one above online uncredited, the one below on the OSU extension service website, credited to John and Karen Hollingsworth, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. They are both beautiful pictures of the Monarch Butterfly, which I found out is rarely seen in Oregon. So to see it 3 times in one day is amazing.

Yes. I see messages here. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation. Starting life in the chrysalis, they grow safely in a cozy, dark place until they are ready to break free and fly. Many cultures see them as a powerful sign of new beginnings, new awareness and rebirth. To me, butterflies mean light, freedom, beauty, color and joy.

But, I felt there was more, here. So, I sat still in my meditation spot and asked my question.

What do I need to know? What is the message?

The answer that came to me is this: Butterflies only come into being by breaking free and leaving the past behind. This is what you are doing. What you need to keep doing. When those mean thoughts start getting louder and worries cloud your mind with fears, anger or sadness, remember the butterfly. It’s beautiful. It’s free. It’s left the past behind. And, so can you.

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