Thursday, June 16, 2011

Metal screening and Freeform crochet: A New mask.

With the title, Phoenix, this mask not only fits the show’s theme of myth and magic, but fits my life as well. This mask started out as a tropical bird. But I burned out, didn’t finish it and it wound up in my studio closet gathering dust.

Thanks to the inspiration of the 2011 International Freeform Crochet Challenge, my unfinished bird rose from the dusty closet to be reborn as a Phoenix.
Although I’ve crocheted for years now, I’ve only recently started to experiment and combine my screening work with crochet work. I taught myself to crochet over 5 years ago using instructions on the internet. I don’t know why I felt the urge to crochet, I just did. And as a studio artist, I kept it a secret. But now, my little hobby has crept into my studio and reformed from hobby to art form.

To me, this beautiful, amazing mythical Phoenix symbolizes living a life with passion and even when it feels as if that passion has burned out, it can be found again.
You can see my 2011 Freeform Challenge: Mythologies, Stories and Fairy tales, alongside an amazing creative global collection of other wonderful pieces here.

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