Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ever heard of Clown Barf?

Ok, neither did I. It does exist, yes, and not the kind you get from those 'trick' stores. Clown Barf is the name of a design motif on guitars and guitar pics. They're considered 'vintage' and have been around for over 35 years. Here's a picture of some guitar pics in that design. I also found actual guitars made in the 'clown barf' motif as well.

How do I know this?

It all started last year at my open studios. A new friend, guitar player and teacher, Jeff Stave was admiring my newest experiment. It was a lamp made from the same aluminum mesh I use in my masks, sculptures and garden art. He loved the concept and wanted a lamp of his own but wanted it to look like 'clown barf'.

OK. That was a new one to me and so was lamp making in general. So, I agreed to make him a lamp. It took a while. Why? Well I needed to learn a few new techniques to make my lamps more functional and attractive. Then I got to work. I made the mesh pieces into guitar pick shapes, added structural wire and then painted layers of colors in the 'clown barf' motif. These pieces were then attached to a base that I designed, lamp electrical parts were added and cork went on the bottom.

Here's another picture of the lamp lit.

Now, who out there wants their very own 'clown barf' guitar pick lamp? You can't have this one, Jeff already has it in his 'guitar' room at home. He says he loves it! I'm glad that someone finds a use for 'clown barf'. Right?

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