Monday, March 22, 2010

Following Jilly's Nose - In the Park

Today, I walked through the park with my eyes on Jilly's nose. Whenever she sniffed, I watched like a policeman(woman)waiting for someone to make that wrong move. Why am I on patrol? It's spring.

Yes, it's spring. It's warmer and lighter. People are smiling at each other. Geese are pairing up and getting territorial. And Jilly is sick from eating a spring feast of kitty 'rocha' and newly sprouted grass.

Ok, I know it sounds gross but try living with it. The thing is-I know this sounds crazy-but every year, I freak out thinking there is something terribly wrong with Jilly. I worry. I fret. Then I remember, oh, yeah, this happened last year. Why? The sun is out. The cats in the neighborhood are out and visiting our yard. They see our gravel side yard as a giant litter box. Jilly sees it as a giant 'kitty' candy box and she gobbles all the 'treats' gravel and all. Yum. Maybe for her.

For me, it means sleepless nights getting up to let her out or clean up what comes up. Yeah. Yuck. Sometimes, all that's needed is a few days of pepto bismal. Sometimes, like this year, it's a full week of cleaning up(on my part) ending with a fast and a diet of rice, broth, beef before we're all back to normal. And I get some sleep!

That's why today, in the park, my focus was...where is Jilly's nose? I want to make sure she doesn't get tempted to gobble up those delicious morsels left behind by the geese. And when she goes out in the yard, I go out with her making sure she doesn't find any more 'spring' treats!


ChefDruck said...

Yikes! My kids have been harassing me non-stop to get a dog, and this post is a cautionary tale I needed to hear. Thank you! I'm barely out of potty training, still dealing with much clean up on that front, and am definitely not ready to feed pepto bismol to my dog!

Wonderful to make new blog friends through Sunday Scribblings.

oldegg said...

We had a Labrador many years ago and one of his best accomplishments was to vomit! It is in that breed's nature. They are happy to eat anything including one year all our daughter's Easter eggs complete with foil wrapping while we were at Church.

Thanks for the memories!

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

I'm glad I could help...but I have to say, I'm a long-time dog owner and lover AND raised a puppy along with two children under the age of 5. I wouldn't recommend it, though.

What I would recommend is, waiting until the little ones are school age, with the youngest one at least 5 or 6. It makes it much easier.

As for the pepto, I use chewables and Jilly happens to like take them like treats.

Great to make new friends through Sunday Scribblings, too!

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

OMG...all the easter eggs!! Wow, that must have been one amazing clean up day! UGH!

I didn't know it about Labs until I got Jilly. Well, she's true to the breed, then, she's got a garbage mouth with a sensitive stomach.

Thanks for sharing the story...I'll remember to keep those Easter eggs way out of her reach!