Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Word of the Year: Act

Three simple letters. A small word but one with, perhaps, the biggest potential of all. This simple, small word is my 2019 word of the year. I’ll admit I’m a bit intimidated by it. And for that simple, small reason it may be the most important word of the year I’ve ever had. 

As a writer, I love words. I love the way they move me when I read and when I write. The biggest reason I write this blog is because I love sharing words and thoughts and inspirations with others. 

 As an artist, I use words to describe my art, its origins, intentions and features to art galleries, art shows, art buyers and art sites online. I love the creativity of communication whether through color, texture, sculpture or words. Maybe that’s why in the last few years my words have literally been part of the design of my bowls, vases and masks. 

Simply: I love how words create pictures in our minds. And pictures create words.

Act: to do something.

The example from the dictionary: “they urged Washington to act”

Well, isn’t that a timely and interesting definition. If there is one thing I definitely want to see it’s our elected officials to act to impeach Trump. There is plenty of evidence of wrong doing, abuse of power and danger to our country here. 

The way could not be clearer. It is time to act. 

Act: a pretense.

Dictionary example: “she was putting on an act and laughing a lot”

I know and you know, we have all put on an act in our lives. Especially as a women, I was taught to put on an act. Act like a lady. Act like a good girl. Act pretty. Act happy. Act like your mother or father or employer or teacher expects you to act. 

And I’ll admit I’ve always had trouble and gotten into trouble because my ‘acting’ isn’t good enough. It’s always been hard for me to act happy when I’m sad. Fine when I’m mad. Or act like I like someone who is despicable, mean, dishonest or egotistic. 

So this year, maybe it’s time to uncloak myself from all those acting directions. Maybe it’s time I acted, well, like me. In the moment. No shame. No game. 

Act: a thing done, a deed. 

Dictionary example: “a criminal act” or maybe, “a creative act”

We all know and see and hear a constant stream of criminal acts all around us everyday. But I want to act towards change. I want to see more worth, help, honor and safety in this world. 

I’ve always picked words or rather, had them pick me, as a way to lighten and inspire me. This year’s word is definitely much stronger. While it feels heavier, I still see it as a way to enlighten my path. Inspire me forward. And create more work.

I want my creative acts inside the studio and out to lift up someone’s day. Inspire better thoughts. Bring more love and peace and light into daily life. 

In this new year and new decade: it’s time for me to act. 

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