Friday, May 3, 2019

May Days

So many beautiful days to celebrate in May. The blooming of the earth. The warmth of the sun. I love Spring. 

On our walk: New goslings.  

I’m so excited to see any new baby birds at all this year. In the last several years, our park has hired a goose control company. The goal is to keep the goose population down to a ‘manageable’ level. What that really means is cutting the goose poop down on lake front lawns.  While I understand the problem of overpopulation and survival, I hate that they actually go into the nests and kill the embryos in the eggs. That’s why I’m so excited this year to see a dozen new goslings all in a row. 

Lilacs and crabapple blossoms. 

I love my lilacs. The scent is amazing and I can’t help but cut bunches, put them in vases all over the house. Lilacs are the essence of spring. 

But my sweet, pink crabapple has a special place in my heart. Those trailing little light pink petals are so delicate and beautiful. 

New plants settled into my patio. 

I had some mini-carnations show up from last year, I filled in the spaces with a few white impatiens and red salvia. 

Spring is blooming. People are out and about smiling. The light and sun nurtures us all.    

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