Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mondays with Meyer: Answering A Big Life Question - Why?

Meyer wants to slide down the slide. She wants to paint and color. Squish play dough. Cook in her own kitchen. Read books and go for a walk. But lately, what she wants to know: why. 

“Let’s put on your coat now,” I say. 
Meyer asks, “Why?”
“Because it’s cold outside,” I say. 
Meyer asks, “Why?”
“Because it’s winter,” I say. 
Meyer asks, “Why?”
At this point, I point out that without a coat, she’ll be very uncomfortable and I want her to be warm and cozy. It’s then, the coat gets put on. 

When we get to the park, Meyer wants to slide right away. But she can’t.
“I want to slide,” Meyer says
“The slide is too wet,” I say. 
Meyer asks, “Why?”
“Because it rained last night,” I say. 
Meyer asks, “Why?”
“Because the rain got it all wet, so I have to dry it off before you can slide on it” I say. 
Meyer asks, “Why?”
I show her the towel I brought and as I dry off the slide, I explain that now she can slide on the slide without getting wet.  

This is another reason why I love two-year olds. They don’t take no for an answer and if they do, they want a really good reason. They want to know ‘why’, not because they want to be difficult. They want to know why so they can learn and understand the world around them. They want to be safe and healthy and secure. 

Why as adults don’t we ask that question more?
Think for a minute about what’s going on in our country, right now. Our politicians are being bought off by corporate interests. Our president is being investigated on fraud, conspiracy and corruption. Our country and corporations are only interested in the bottom line and lining their pockets leaving our children without equal education, health benefits and retirement security. Our children are being shot in their schoolrooms because there are no gun control laws. 

Why? Why? Why? And, oh my god, Why?

We’re told politicians are allowed to accept campaign donations from large corporations. Why?

We’re told our president knows nothing about these payments or meetings. Why?

We’re told our country and corporations have no budget for healthcare or education. Why?

We’re told gun control laws would defile our second amendment rights. WHY?

All over the world, small and large countries provide their people with healthcare, education through college. 


Because  these politicians understand that people who are healthy work harder, live longer and keep their country healthy and thriving as well. And corporations pay their fair share of taxes that help to fund the present and future of their country and their own work force. 

In Japan, they have strict gun control laws. Any citizen who wants a gun can have one. There is a process to follow: gun education, gun safety training, gun background checks, gun registration and mandatory annual gun safety and license checks. 

If countries like England, Germany, France, Australia, China, Canada, Japan and more can provide healthcare, education, gun safety, anti-corruption laws, why can’t we?
Maybe we all need to learn a lesson from our two year olds. Don’t just accept life around us without asking the biggest question of life: why?


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