Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life as an Olympic Sport.

Watching the Summer Olympics, I marvel at the grace, strength and determination of each and every athlete.  Yes, I cheer for the USA.  But I also cheer for the tiny gymnast from China when she makes her vault.  The Australian swimmer who won his first gold.  And the 41-year old woman gymnast at her 7th Olympic Games.  

It's not all about competition.  I see it in each and every face out there.

They started out learning something new.  They grew to love it.  They wanted to do it more and more and more.  And as they did it, they got better and better and better.  They joined groups to learn to be even better from teachers and coaches and others who loved the same thing they did.  They had people who loved and supported what they loved to do.  

Doing what you love is hard work.  And it's doesn't always work out.

They get up and do their work everyday.  Some days are good, some not.  Sometimes they make the jump, sometimes they don't.  They know what they want, how it should feel and when they don't do their best or it doesn't go right, you can see it on their faces.  But even when they're disappointed in their work or themselves, they get up and do it again.

Life and art and the Olympics are the same.  

It's about making and creating.  It's more about completing than competing.  It's about doing what you love everyday whether it works out the way you want it to, or not. 
Watch them.  You'll see it.  And maybe, like me, you'll see it in yourself, too.

Curious, isn't it?  I'll never win a gold medal, of course.  But I never in a million years thought  I had anything in common with an Olympic Athlete, did you?  

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