Thursday, June 9, 2016

Just A Normal Week.

It's been just a normal week.  

Walking in the park. Working in the studio.  Making salad from my garden. Doing yoga.  

It's been very hot and dry here which makes porcelain even more persnickety than usual.  In the past, I've worked regardless of the weather but this week I decided to give up fighting and give in.  I decided to play with the heat instead of against it.  I worked in shorter spurts.  I worked on hand built pieces rather than throwing so I don't have to worry about the accelerated drying timing with handle attachments or trimming.  


My new pieces are multiplying.  Last week, I had three-quarters of one shelf filled.  I added 5 new pieces this week.  Voila! Two filled shelves ready for under glazing!  It always amazes me how my studio work goes from empty to full and back again.  Every time I glaze and finish new work, I fill the display shelves but then, I see the drying shelves are empty.  And it's time to begin again, get out the clay, make new pieces.  

Create.  Finish.  Repeat.

Yep, it's just a normal week.  No big discoveries.  No more closets cleaned.  Yet.  

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