Thursday, November 12, 2015

Social Media: Losing Interest in Pinterest.

According to social media site rankings, Pinterest is right up there with Facebook and Linked In. One of the top five social media sites, it's got huge demographic numbers and, the most surprising to me, was the large upper income female demographic that supposedly 'shops' Pinterest for goods to purchase.  

I'd never heard of Pinterest until 3 years ago.  I wasn't sure I was interested but my daughter loved it and so did many of my artist friends.  I didn't know about the demographics or social media site ranking. Once I checked it out, I have to say I was hooked.  

It was like a wonderland of pretty, cute, fun and funny.

I used to save old magazines.  Piles and piles of magazines.  Because I loved to cut out the pictures and words and glue them together making my own collage for fun and inspiration. It was quick and easy and fun.  I could keep it for as long as it inspired me, then throw it away and create a new one.  

That's how Pinterest first felt to one big, inspiration collage.

Until I started getting those 'push' notifications.  The new 'Pins For You' emails.  Try these quotes like the ones you's more cute puppies, adorable kitties, salsa recipes, exotic location photos, kitchen designs, clothes, furniture, beads galore!  Or many other emails telling me that one of the millions of people out there 'Pinned' the same cup, quote and/or painting?  

I don't care who 'Pinned' what.  I don't want 'Pins for me' suggestions.  And it's especially dispiriting to me that I'm told my most 'popular' Pin is someone else's recipe for bacon wrapped whatever.  Really.

I was having fun picking out fun things without paper and scissors. I was inspired by the quotes I dragged and dropped. Occasionally, I've gone there to look at my boards, and add a picture or two.  I added boards of my own art, hoping to interest some of those supposedly upper income women to purchase art.  It hasn't led to purchases for anyone I know.  But, even without that, I just feel I'm seeing and reading the same old stuff.  Do I take my Pinterest site down?  Do I leave it up? I don't know and frankly, I don't care.

Sorry, Pinterest, I've just lost interest. 


Patrick Gracewood said...

Susan, Too True. Me too. I've gone back to cutting and glueing into my drawing books. That I like.

Susan Gallacher-Turner said...

I have a collection of old cards and such that I treasure. Here's what I miss...stacks of magazines to cut and paste from because now all my reading materials are digital. Guess I'll have to start hunting and gathering again.