Friday, September 18, 2015

Life's a Beach.

Blue sky.  Puffy white clouds.  Waves and sand and rocks.  And miles to walk in the wonder of it all.  

I love the ocean, always, but this week was just amazing.  The weather prediction was the usual for the Oregon coast; clouds and rain.  I packed accordingly with long sleeves, sweaters, sweatpants and hats.  


It was sunny and beautiful.

Another surprise...even more wonderful!

Jilly, my sweet yellow lab came along, too!  I know that doesn't seem surprising but it is because, you see, back in February, the vet gave Jilly 3-4 months to live.  You can read more about the details here.   But here it is...7 months later and she's bounding after seagulls at the beach!

We all walked and walked and walked some more.

Looking at the bubbles in the sand.

  Finding a stray feather.

Stepping over a broken sand dollar.

We sat and watched the waves crash.  We ate clam chowder, drank beer watching a pod of whales move further south.  But the best thing of all was just being there, at the ocean's edge, sitting and sniffing and being.

I guess that quote is true, "Life's a beach."

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