Thursday, September 25, 2014

Writing about Writing.

I've been writing as long as I can remember.  At first, it was just scribbles with pencils on any paper I could find.  It got me into a lot of trouble.  Until, I went to school.  There, I was supposed to use pencils and paper and I loved it.  I loved spelling and reading and writing.   It didn't matter if it was a book report, a research paper, news story or essay, I dove right in.  

Ok, I didn't like writing stories in Latin, but then, who would?

In high school, I was editing my brother's college papers.  I wrote in my journals.  In college, I took creative writing, journalism for print and broadcast and got my first job writing ads at a local radio station.  This led to a career as a writer in advertising.  In between ads and diaper changes, I wrote poems and essays and journaled. 

I still write in my journal.  And I write here on my blog about walking in the park, throwing clay, decorating my home, making masks, training my dog and sculpting a life with love and creativity.   

Lately, I've been sharing my love of writing and the creative journey by writing artist profiles about artists on my local open studios tour blog, Washington County Open Studios.  I feel grateful to be able to combine my advertising skills and writing to shine a light on the journeys of artists in my own community.  

But most important, I get to hear and read and learn from all of these artists.  I learn about the beauty melted wax and paint, the excitement of horsehair raku, the serenity of flowing watercolors and the magical mysteries of  the creative process through other artist's eyes.

Creativity and imagination opens so many doors and windows into the soul of all our adventures in life. Words and pictures, writing and art allow us to share the journey with each other.

I'm grateful to be able to do both.  Writing and Art.

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