Thursday, August 28, 2014

As The Wheel Turns - The Finish Line.

​Finishing.  It's not my favorite part of the process.  I know it seems weird to hate it because you'd think that seeing a finished piece, the end result would be the best part.  It is.  But getting there in those last stretches of the waxing, glazing, loading the kiln and firing is just no fun.  Here's why.  

First: Mess.  

While I love throwing wet clay around on a wheel, I hate glazing.  There's mixing the glaze with a drill mixer.  Measuring out the right amount and remixing with water.  Setting up newspapers, papertowels, rinsing bowls, gloves and towels.  Then, no matter how careful I am with all of the above, there are always drips, splashes to be mopped.  

Second: Boredom.

The process is boring but it must be done.  And done correctly to ensure a nicely finished piece.  Here's the process:  Position the pot.  Mix the glaze.  Pour glaze over pot.  Wipe excess off the bottom.  Catch drips.  Scrape left over glaze back into container.  Repeat. Dozens of times.

Third: Waiting.

don't wait well.  But, this process cannot be rushed.  Glaze has to be mixed properly.  Pieces have to be waxed and the wax has to dry.  The glazed pieces have to sit on the shelf and dry. Even after loading the kiln, I have to wait for at least three days to give the pieces time to cool off before I can see how they turned out.  

But it all must be done.  So that in the end, each piece is finished.  Hopefully, it will all turn out well and be well worth it.

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