Thursday, April 24, 2014

Art, photography and progress.

It's been an out of studio experience for me this week.  Time to pack up my newest masks, sculptural and functional pieces and take them to the photographer's studio.  
I firmly believe if you want to be seen as a professional artist, then good quality, professional photographs are very important.  I look at it this way, applying for a professional job requires a professional presentation, so, as an artist, I want to present my work as professionally as possible.  I also feel this is another way to respect and honor the arts as career choice.

I have an artist resume, an artist statement, a website, business cards, and a portfolio on cd.  I make an effort the keep it all up to date.  So all of these elements can be put together into a professional snail mail or email artist packet anytime I need it. 

Art work is an inside out job.

The inside work is about concepts, concentration and dedication.  Developing a new body of ceramic work meant lots of time in the studio throwing, under glazing, glazing.  Using my new kiln.  Learning which glazes work and which don't.  

The outside work is about connections, collecting information and communications. Getting involved in new art groups.  Gathering information to problem solve from more experienced artists and venders.  Listening to art lovers and buyers about what excites them.  Watching and participating in social media in and around art and my community all helps me learn how to market my new work.   And getting professional photos to put on my website, facebook page, Pinterest and here on my blog, too.

It's been a busy few years for me and time to catch the inside up with the outside.

When I set out to create a whole new body of ceramic work a few years back, I had dreams and ideas and hopes.  I had no idea how, when or even if it would work out at all.  

So the most important thing about getting these new photos of my work was realizing that some of my dreams and ideas have come true.  Professional photos helps me see not only how much work I've done but how far I've come.

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