Thursday, March 13, 2014

Digital Drawings: Skies and Wine.

Digital drawing is a great no mess, no fuss, no easel way to capture what captures my eye at any given moment.  I don't have to be home, in my studio or toting a portable art bag like I used to when my kids were little.  
All I need is my Ipad and stylus and I'm good to go on the go.  I have to thank a fellow artist and blogger, Terry Howard Grant, for inspiring me to try digital drawing.  Terry sets up a still life challenge each week on her blog.  Here's a link to her latest digital still life challenge  I've tried but I'm just more inspired by landscapes and skies.  
This is as close to a still life as I got.  My husband poured me a glass of wine while he was cooking dinner.  I didn't drink.  I drew!  I can see the bottle is 'off', but I like the glass and shadows.

Here's what caught my eye in the last few weeks.
The sky was blue with puffy white clouds.  I did a few using different tools.  The clouds in this one felt a bit harsh, not exactly what I was wanting.

It took a while to find a balance with blending colors to give it the watercolor wet into wet softness I was looking for.

Don't  know what happened to this one...the clouds are blurry but not the mountains.

​All in all I learned some new techniques with the tools and layers.  I've got a lot more to learn, of course.  But the best part is this:  when i was sitting on the window seat drawing the sky, the time just flew by.  One minute I was opening my Sketch Club app and the next I was looking at a finished drawing.  When an hour feels like a minute, you know you're in the flow in a good way.


Terry Grant said...

These look great, Susan. I love the color you are getting. I agree about how quickly the time goes. I so often think I will start something to work on later and before I know it I have been at it for a couple hours and it is done!

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

Thanks, Terry.
It's just amazing how time melts when you're in the flow, isn't it? As for color, my only desire is to be able to preset colors that I like, so I can come back to having tubes of my favorite colors of paint. I wonder if that's possible?