Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A disconnected day.

The internet was not connected today.  I don't know why and all attempts to reboot the system failed.  Not a big deal, right?  A year or two ago, I'd agree but now I don't.  I'm frustrated.
If you ask me how much I'm on the internet, I'd say not much.  Maybe once a day. Today, I found out that would be a big lie.  Because I don't consider myself an internet junkie. I'm not online all the time.  As for being a social media maven, I'd say I'm not.  Guess what I found out today? I'm hooked to my wireless network like a patient needing an IV.  
I think I just crossed the line from frustration and inconvenience to fear.
Yup.  After 4 hours with no internet service, no way to check my email, google a question, read the news or listen to pandora, I felt scared.  I felt the same survival fear that happens when the power goes out during a big storm and i'm out of batteries for the flashlights. 
Then, I shook my head in disbelief.  Really! I am totally ok.  My animals didn't notice anything wrong, as I paced between my computer and the *&%%%% internet router.
What did I do?  

​Exactly what I had planned to do.  Take a bath.  Get dressed.  Put in a load of laundry.  Go to my studio.  Check if my bowls are ready for trimming.  They were not ready, so I re-covered them and took out another bag of clay for handbuilding.  Eat lunch.  Start and work on two new masks.  Let the dogs out and in.  Switch laundry loads.  Write this blog.  Feed the dogs and cat.  Make dinner.  Fold the laundry.  Relax for the evening.

​What didn't I do?

​Google moringa to find out what it is...because it was in my new shower gel.  Click to My Yahoo news.  Read the comics online.  Check my email again.  Like a few facebook posts.  Answer email.  Play online solitaire.  Play WordFeud.  Listen to Pandora.  Check the TV guide app to see what's on tonight that I don't want to watch.  Check the Accuweather app to see if it's going to snow.

​Did I really need the internet today?  No. 

​The shower gel worked well and smelled nice without googling it.  I heard the news this morning on the TV and later on the radio.  I didn't miss the comics, solitaire, WordFeud or Facebook.  I checked email this morning.  I put my Ipod in the dock and listened to my playlist.  I can turn on the TV to see what's on and all I have to do to find out if it was snowing is look out my window!

​I was disconnected today from the internet but I was still connected to all the things in my life that really mattered.  So no internet for the day is not the  end of the world,  but I did miss listening to Pandora.

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