Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As the wheel turns: New twists and turns.

It's back to work as usual for me, this week. Throwing. Trimming. Sculpting.  Making mugs has been my goal for the last few months with a few bowls here and there. But, life has a way of evolving in ways I never anticipated and goals need to change. Even small goals like making mugs.

I made dozens of mugs for my open studio anticipating lots of mug sales like last year. I sold 3 mugs. But I had the best open studio ever, so I'm not upset at all.

Not only did I meet some wonderful new people, caught up with neighbors and old friends but I sold more pieces and had more people than any open studio event I've ever had.  I saw a wide variety of my work find new homes from sculptures to nesting bowls, art masks to vases.  I saw both my functional and sculptural work in the arms of new art lovers but best of all was watching the curiousity turn to happy smiles.

​​I have about half the amount of work than I did before. The big question isn't whether to work, but what to work on? More mugs? Sgraffito bowls? Wavy edged nesting bowls? Masks? Last year, I sold lots of mugs. This year, big and small bowls, decorative pieces and masks sold more.

My mind twists around upcoming shows and production goals plus predictions of what might be this year's sought after pieces. All while I sit throwing big and small bowls, plain ones and silly ones, swearing at my mistakes.  Then watch as the mistake magically turns into a lid for a jar that I throw next.  I didn't plan to make a jar when I sat down at the wheel but it happened anyway.

Maybe that's the real twist here: No plans, no goals, just creating as the wheel turns.

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