Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Resting up.

Chatting about art. Letting others see my art in the making. Sharing art and heart stories. Laughing. Hugging. And waving goodbye to my sculptures, mugs, masks, bowls and vases going out from my studio into new homes.

It was exciting, energizing, heart warming and wonderful. My open studio was a truly great experience. 
From beginning to end, I said hello to neighbors, dear friends and met new friends. 

I demonstrated sgraffito on a plate. I showed the beginning stages of making a clay mask. I led some out to my cold garage where I throw, explained how a pottery wheel works and llet them peer into a partially loaded kiln which I'd never seen until I had to start using one myself.

People I'd never met wandered through my home, looking at my work on tables and shelves. Some even went outside to see my garden screening sculptures and outdoor masks. Children from the neighborhood made clay ghosts and pumpkins. ​My daughter baked ginger snaps and pumpkin bread while my husband served coffee and apple cider.

It was fun.

It was also a lot of hard work.

I moved furniture and dusted. Organized mugs, vases and bowls. Hung masks and broke one in the process. I made displays and swept and mopped dried clay off my garage floor and filled the kiln.

It was one of the most amazing art experiences. I loved it even when it got crazy busy!

That's why today, I'm not in the studio. I'm sitting on the window seat. Soaking in the sunshine streaming through my newly washed windows. Drinking tea. Snacking on pumpkin bread and writing. 

In silence.

I sit here with only the lazily ticking clock and the soft snores of two doggies and one kitty in the background.  While I unplug out there and plug in here to recharge and rest up.


Terry Grant said...

Ah yes. My sentiments exactly. I know that I make art to satisfy myself, but sharing it with others is a lovely and energizing bonus. Enjoy the residual glow!

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Mike Turner said...

So true...my art making comes from inside adding having an energizing experience taking it out to others is a great bonus. Hope you're relaxing, too.

Thanks, Terry!