Saturday, September 14, 2013

New scenes, scents and sounds.

I admit I like to work, feel productive and creative.   It's hard for me to take time off, sit around relaxing with nothing to do.  I feel a little lost.

Here's what I found out on this week long vacation.

Sunshine reflected in the rippling water of the Deschutes. The trickle of small eddies and whirlpools. A cool, freshness along the river bank.

A backyard filled with natural grasses and pinecones. A dry crispness in the early morning. The softness of footfalls between the firs revealing a fawn 10 feet away from my yellow lab, Jilly.  Then the sound of her barking and giving chase to this new creature in her yard.

Green algae growing on the Surface of Lake Aspen. Quail cooing and fluttering from ground to tree
branches. The sharpness of pine scent.

Sometimes feeling lost is necessary to finding peace.

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