Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cure for burnout: Cooking.

Busy.  Busy. Busy.  I like being busy and productive.  But sometimes, I hit the wall.  Today, my eyes were tired.  My mind was fuzzy.  And even though, I have a lot of clay work to do, I knew pushing myself into the studio today was not a good idea.

What to do when I’m tired?

First: Bake.  I had a pile of fresh peaches from the farmer’s market.  Since this is peach season here in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been buying peaches every week.  I’ve already made cobblers and crisps, so I decided on peach coffee cake.  I didn’t have a recipe, so I took out a few cookbooks for ideas.  I took the batter from one recipe changed the flour, added a different sugar and buttermilk.  Then, added the topping and spices from another recipe.  Here it is Peach Crumble Coffee Cake.

Second: Mix up a salad or two.  I have a pile of gorgeous homegrown tomatoes.  So I sliced them into chunks, added mozzarella balls, my backyard basil, salt and pepper, then drizzled it all with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.    The pasta salad is a basic.  Cheese tortellini, chunks of barbequed chicken, fresh spinach, and green onions all tossed with homemade raspberry vinegrette.

Third: Sit down and eat. 

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